Moeders voor Moeders (Mothers for Mothers) is a nationally active organisation and part of the pharmaceutical company Aspen Oss BV . Moeders voor Moeders would like to help couples with fertility problems.
"We collect urine of pregnant women. From this urine we extract HCG. This hormone is used by pharmaceutical companies to manufacture of medicine which are is in fertility treatment"

Moeders voor Moeders came into existence in 1931. Through this long history it has not only gained knowledge and understanding about pregnant women, but also about issues surrounding pregnancy. In addition Moeder voor Moeders is well aware of developments outside the Netherlands. Moeder voor Moeders has built up a good and transparent relationship with midwives in the Netherlands including the Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives and their charity, midwives4mothers.

According to Jurie van Elsen, Field Office Lead at Moeders voor Moeders "We are proud because we are aware that this relationship of mutual understanding is not a given, but has been earned.When midwives4mothers approached Moeders voor Moeders for possible financial support it was soon decided to come into action. Moeders voor Moeders believe in walking the talk. We are proud to be able to do this by means of an open mutual agreement. The advertisement on the back of the Dutch Journal for Midwives is an authentic reflection of our cooperation. We are united in our fight for Safe Motherhood”.