m4m board

Midwives4mothers (m4m) uses 100% of its funds raised to achieve the goals. Currently, this is done by the financial support of the projects twin2twin between Moroccan/Dutch midwives and Sierra Leonean/Dutch midwives. The board of m4m works totally voluntary.

At the meeting of 'Borderless Midwiferý' on January 16, 2017 the new board of midwives4mothers has introduced themselves to the KNOV members. Suzanne Thompson, the former chairwoman of the board, passed on the chairwomanship to Linda Rentes. Noortje Jonker, secretary, and George Miedema, treasurer, introduced themselves too. The new board is committed with great enthusiasm to secure the goals of m4m.

Board members

Chairwoman - Linda Rentes
Secretary - Noortje Jonker
Treasurer - George Miedema