In a twin2twin project Dutch midwives provide support and enter into partnerships with organisations of midwives in developing countries. They are are inspired by their counterparts who perform true miracles with limited resources under difficult conditions.


Dutch twin
'I learned a lot from this experience and I am very thankful for what I gained through the twin2twin project.'

Marianne Wigbers

'I love tangible one to one projects, my twin sister was made for me!'

Sierra Leonean Twin
'This relationship is an awakening, we can be active as midwives for safe delivery. And this will positively affect our work as midwives.'

Moroccan twin
‘I think this experience can help Morrocan midwives to make a step forward.’

Dutch twin
'Sharing my twin’s working experience and being a part of her life really strengthened our relationship. I can now better understand how she perceives and experiences things.'

Sierra Leonean twin
'I felt that I am part of the whole community of midwives in the World.'

Moroccan twin
‘Twin2twin opens up new horizons.’

Jacqueline van der Meer:
'I learned so much, and was able to use my own strengths for the project. I found my role as twin a very impressive experience.'

Moroccan twin
‘This project promotes our midwifery profession.’

Experiences twin2twin project Sierre Leone